Custom Media Centers

Entertainment and Media Centers are used to house your television and many other components related to your multimedia or home theater system. Let us combine open and closed areas balancing function and style in one of the highest traffic areas of your home. No more ugly wires and plenty of storage for all of your audio/video needs. Incorporating adjustable shelving allows you flexibility while our corner shelves soften the entry and exit of your room while providing additional storage. If you are planning on installing a custom entertainment center in your home, we will arrange a free in-home consultation to determine the best solution for you.

We specialize in:

Built-In Systems – built-in systems are often used in recessed spaces and for systems that span the entire wall.

Free Standing Systems – systems that are designed to be disassembled and moved to another room or house if your needs change.

Corner Units – our custom solution for rooms that cannot accommodate Free Standing or built in units due to the room configuration.

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